We offer more business solutions than just Re-keying locks.

  • Do Not Duplicate Keys“, also known as “Neutered Bows”, are a quick and affordable way to get some key control but it does not guarantee that employees won’t be able to get copies made.
  • Master Key Systems offer a wide variety of solutions for key control.  These systems can be designed for your specific needs.  We can key an entire building to have different keys for each office that you can hand out to the corresponding employees.  This helps to keep workers from wondering into areas they are not authorized to access while allowing the managers to access the areas you choose with one single master key, and you, a grand master key that opens any and every lock.  We can even design a key that opens specific doors for janitors, Assistant managers, etc… and a break-room door lock that operates with every key in the system.  The possibilities are almost endless.
  • High Security Keys such as Medeco and ASSA have registered patented key-ways that are proprietary to each locksmith in a given area.  With these systems a quality lock can be installed that gives the business owner true key control.  Only the owner of the system (in this case you, the customer) can order duplicate keys to be made and only from the locksmith who installed he system.  We have a High Security key system that offers key control at a more affordable price than most other comparable systems.  Give us a call for more details and a free quote.
  • Interchangeable Cores AKA ICCores are a great way for a manager or owner to change out lock cylinders quick and easy without the need for a locksmith to be on site.  These locks operate the same as other commercial locks and the lock plug looks like a figure 8.  You have the locks pinned on a master system and there is a “Control Key” that removes the whole cylinder from the face of the lock.  A new cylinder that matches a different set of keys can than be inserted using the same “Control Key”.  The locks on an entire complex can be changed out in a matter of minutes with this system.
  • Stand Alone Alarms and Exit Hardware can be a great solution to disappearing inventory.  Fire Codes require that buildings have unobstructed egress for all exterior doors in the case of an emergency.  You can help prevent theft and shoplifting by installing exit hardware (panic bars) that sound an alarm when the door is opened without a key.  Hard wiring a system is very expensive and often complex, but stand alone units run on 9 volt batteries and are quite effective in deterring any “five finger discounts”.  These locks (when installed properly) are also ADA (Americans Disability Act) compliant and will also sound if someone breaks in from the outside.
  • Commercial Accounts are available.  We have solutions for business that require billing options.  If you have a business that is in good standing you can request Net 30, giving accountants and business owners the opportunity to mail out a check 30 days after the service was completed.  This is especially helpful when unexpected emergency service is needed on the weekend (or after hours) when there are no personal available who can write a check on site.  If you are interested, please inquire before requesting the service.

If your business has a special need, please let us know, we will be happy to work with you and help find a solution that works with your budget.