Ft Knox Safe

Digital Safe Lock

Digital Safe Lock

We Unlock security containers (open safes). It is usually easier to open a safe when it has just started to malfunction but sometimes they just fail.

There are many types of safes including mechanical dials, digital key pads, biometric locks, and push button mechanical locks to name a few.

Often times I am called out to open a safe and I find inferior batteries, or even dead batteries being used. I recommend always using name brand batteries and depending on use, changing out the batteries ever 6 months to 2 years.

If you have a mechanical dial safe, most quality brands need very little attention. They can function flawlessly for many years.

If you have the need to change the combo, we can assist you in that as well. Most digital safes can have the combo changed without any special equipment but mechanical dials need the assistance and tools of a trained locksmith or safe tech.

There are many different ways to defeat a safe including but not limited to drilling, bouncing, spiking (digital), manipulation (dial), auto-dialers, try-out combos. The technique we use to open a locked safe depends on the type of safe, its location, and how it is made.

It has been my experience that most safes can be opened without poking a hole in the safe, but often times a precision hole at a precise location can make for an easy opening and a quick repair.

The cost of opening a safe often depends on the type of safe, and the situation so it is best to call around and get price quotes.

Here are a few photos of safes we have opened  This was a Fort Knox gun safe with a digital keypad that we drilled and fixed. There was no visible damage to the safe after the job was completed.

This was a LG digital lock that failed and had to be drilled and replaced.

drilled safeThis small cash drop-box safe needed to be drilled. In the photo on the left we see the outside of the safe and one of the tools we used to open it. Below is a photo of the lock that failed.Safe lock drilled open

For security reasons I can not disclose what, where or when, or can I reveal the drill point or our method to open the safe.

Floor SafeThe photo on the left is a Star floor safe. The customer had the combo but the safe would not open. This safe was rusted on the inside. We recommend using a safe dryer also known as a dehumidifier. They can be placed in the safe, and they can be dried out and reused when they get full of moisture.

ATM safe openedThis Gas station ATM is a safe on the inside, and sometimes they fail too. We opened this little guy and had a replacement lock installed so the owner could get back to business and his customers could get cash when needed.

Safe AutodialerAnd (Photo on the Right), the auto-dialer. We used this little bugger to open a safe the owner didn’t want drilled. It took over 24 hours for computer to dial every combination until the safe opened.

I hope you enjoyed the sample of safe openings we highlighted here. If you have a safe you need serviced, please give us a call. I will be happy to help.